Established in xxxx, Bio Liquid Development (BLD) strives to create a greener future for all. Vermiculture is the conversion of organic matter into an extremely fertile fertiliser with the use of Tiger Worms and Red Worms. The process involves the digestion of organic matter by the worms and the resultant production of two fertlisers. Vermicast, the solid fertiliser, and Vermisoultion, the liquid extract commonly known as "worm tea".

BLD operations currently span most of the North Island. As a bulk suppler, BLD caters for the organic fertilization and soil restoration needs of a variety of commercial concerns. These include, fruit and veg production and the retail garden market, and cow & goat milking farm pastures. BLD strives to meet the needs of our clients.

Our liquid vermicast fertiliser is 100% organic and suitable for lawns, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, crops and milking goats and other livestock. Bio Liquid Development products are totally sustainable ecofriendly and has no negative impacts on the environment. We are committed to setting the standard for high quality naturl organic soil improving fertilisers

BLD operations are based out of Pyes Pa, Tauranga and deliver throughout the North Island. We are a family owned and operated company that has spent the last XX years in developing our organic Vermisoultion that puts life back into soil at the same time fertilising your plants and crops.

BLD is committed to making a greener planet by using organic fertiliser such as Vermisolution over its chemical counterparts.